«The another line of horizon of the Wonderlife!»

 The feature of the paintings of Alex Egorov is the contacting a realistic with a fantastic stuff and the penetration theater into documentary.

"The Earth Abundance" is a new series of art works of Alex Egorov where the division of the inner space of the world of the art work into a realistic and symbolic.

These divisions are created by combining perspective axes on two different horizon lines. The overall plan of the scene is usually three-dimensional, and the symbolic plan has a horizon line that could only be in four-dimensional space.
Foreground characters are often self-ironic and interact with the world of other spatial coordinates so that psychological reflection is reflected in itself thus creating a mirror tunnel.   In the scenes there is always an attempt to touch or penetrate the fabric that separates these worlds - the real and the other, mysterious, timeless or even deadly.
But the front plan of paintings is usually solved as the daily and vainity world,
as a frozen moment of a random frame, the heroes of these foreground scenes can be everyone, who is endowed with symbolic potential: these are amphibians, bears, tigers, and children.
And often, in the composition, there is conditional water - the image of the sea, astral waters - through which one world communicates with another with a different, cherished.